Point Place


Riverview Farms

New Construction Home


White Perch Pier
Monroe, LA

New construction pier and outdoor kitchen that overlooks the Ouachita River. 


Custom Home
Farmerville, LA

We met this customer at the Home Builders Expo at the Monroe Civic Center. The home owner served as his own architect. This custom home demonstrates how small touches of rustic flare can round out a project.

Monroe, LA

Diligent work alongside an amazing interior designer is the secret to this full home remodel. Browse through the photos and notice that this is truly a custom home: 1-of-a-kind bathroom designs, a breathtaking entry way, custom kitchen cabinetry, amazing cypress beams, phenomenal dining area, and cozy bedrooms. Even the patio areas are mind blowing. 

Riverview Farm House
Monroe, LA

This complete home remodel is a great example of how a keen eye for design makes all the difference.

Diamond Island Camp
Tallulah, LA

This job was contracted to us with a tight timeline and high expectations regarding quality. We produced a stellar product and completed within timeline. Customer has been a repeat customer since. 

West Monroe, LA

This full home remodel required acute attention to details. The sleek modern design utilized razor straight trim lines and the highest quality materials. 

Pargoud Blvd.
Monroe, LA

This kitchen overhaul was a pleasure to work on. The simplistic design of shaker-style cabinets beautifully matched the feel of her contemporary home.